WUHAN WUHAN is a peaceful observational documentary that looks at the time of February and March, 2020.

This is the beginning, the time when the pandemic broke in the US and Canada but was at its height overseas in Wuhan, where the virus began, and the city was in lockdown before anyone really understood here what they word lockdown truly meant and would mean. 

The documentary by directors Yung Chang and Gong Cheng puts a human experience into the early days of the disaster. 
It looks at five heart-wrenching and endearing stories.
From a kind ER doctor and a strong ICU nurse to a caring volunteer psychologist at a temporary hospital to a strong mother and son who are patients in trying to get through the complicated system, to a volunteer who drives medical workers and his very pregnant wife.
WUHAN WUHAN is not what you think. It’s a look at a city coming together to overcome a crisis. It’s everything we don’t think of Wuhan in the West.
Produced by Donna Gigliotti, Peter Guo and Diane May Quon, this quiet documentary tells stories without fanfare and big drama. Rather, it shows how 
people came together to follow the rules to help as these were some of the first people who were hit by this pandemic in the entire world. It shows humanity, something we have seen little of off. On film, we have not see this level of approach to the pandemic. Coverage has been hard-core news, news that goes into depth into anyones stories as it cannot in 1:30 reports and two minute live hits from reporters on location to 15 seconds wrap up on cameras before tossing back to the anchor in studio. This film does it right as 98 per cent of US media would not and could never do this approach or this level coverage. The directors give us look into the kindness and humanity of the city - not just the fact that this deadly global crisis was started there as ground zero. 
The documentary is strong but there will be some who won’t be able to get past that Wuhan was ground zero.
It’s a story of people just trying to stay alive and manage though something bigger and scarier than they had ever seen. You do get a feeling of hope with this film as it shows that people working 'together' can find common ground. 

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