Sound of Metal has one of the most moving performances of the year. It's a sensitive, compassionate, moving drama that gives us a caring look at the deaf community like we have never seen on film. It's as good as it is because of Riz Ahmed's (Nightcrawler) outstanding performance as a heavy metal drummer starting to loose his hearing. This movie is worth seeing for him and the journey we set out on. Ahmed will be nominated or Best Actor.

He plays Ruben Stone, a recovering heroin addict and touring punk-metal drummer who's been sober for four years. Since his hearing loss he feels his career and life are over. Girlfriend and bandmate Lou (Olivia Cooke) checks him into a sober house for the deaf hoping that it will help him cope. We join him in the place that sets out to help him transition into the community again. The sober house for the deaf is run by Joe (Paul Raci) where they do not see being deaf as a handicap. Riz Ahmed used earpieces to block the sound of his own voice.

A directorial debut of this original movie by Darius Marder and written by Darius and his brother Abraham Marder, takes us through Ruben's condition as it gets worse. Ruben is depressed and angry as the muffled voices take over. Quiet and reflective through many scenes. The sound design, so well done. The respectful movie takes you on a journey into the hearing impaired community. It brings us along until acceptance. Ahmed's role is played through incredible expressive eyes.

Sound of Metal is a movie that takes you inside a world unknown to us but shown exactly as if you were living it.




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