Cakes and pastries inspired by the artwork at Versailles!  Wow what a topic for a doc. Storytelling through cakes is fascinating as the pastries mesh with art. Literally.  The documentary film "Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles" documents the collaboration between world renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi and a decadent Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York food event that lets you eat what you see just about. It's riveting.

The film follows the London-based Isreali chef and author of the cookbooks “Jerusalem” and “Plenty,” as he works on the museum's of art food gala. It walks you through five visionary pastry makers stories as they construct the huge food gala based on the art exhibit "Visitors to Versailles."

Ottolenghi teamed up with other chefs such as the creator of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel. The film recreates some of the French Monarchy's top desserts and gets emotional as it makes you think and learn through a culinary lens and the meeting between food, culture, and history. In preparation, Ottolenghi visited the Palace of Versailles for research.

IFC acquired the U.S. rights.

Laura Gabbert is behind it. Her previous IFC film was "City of Gold" which looked at the late food critic for the Los Angeles Times Jonathan Gold and the culinary scene of L.A It is produced by Emmy Award winner Steve Robillard (“The Confession Tapes”) and Mohamed AlRafi (“Dumplin’”), and executive produced by Paula Manzanedo-Schmit and Original Productions’ Jeff Hasler, Ernie Avila, and Brian Lovett.

This film brings us something new to food and shows us the pressure to create at this extraordinary level of food creation. Chefs only had two days to create things that made you wonder if this is food for this gala. The job required intensive focus and they worked around the clock. The creations were beyond beautiful and unbelievable.

If you like food, you will love watching this.



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