Oscars 2021
The producers of the 93rd Academy Awards telecast Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins — got to the point with their direct letter to Oscar Nominees.
They spoke of their vision for "a safe, carefree evening" at "an intimate, in-person event at Union Station in Los Angeles, with additional show elements live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood." And concerns about safety for the pandemic well, you must show up in person because Zoom is not being allowed...for anyone, no matter what their health issues, no matter their age. Unfortunately - worries of moving through airports, aircrafts, a pre-show gathering at Union Station in LA for a full 90 minutes of joining fellow nominees and coming all the way to LA to stay in a hotel for many - well, that's not able to be considered - because - the show must go on. And producers feel that the production will suffer if Zoom is invited to the party even for some who really could use it to be part of the event but can't be with that many people.  One would think they could "encourage" in person for a better show if they felt it would be so much better - but the compassionate option of Zoom should remain for those over 65. At least or those who have underlying medical issues and are not yet been vaccinated now that six variants are part of today's reality. 
Here is a copy of the letter word for word (other than what is in brackets, those are my words) 
(As I said, direct and to the point with little formality nor understanding of compassion for those who are not able nor wanting to be around a group of people - no matter how hard they try to make ti like a "safe movie set.")
Congratulations on your Academy Award nomination! To borrow the words of an annoying flight attendant, WE ARE HONORED TO BE A PART OF YOUR JOURNEY. We trust you’re happy that your fellow artists have recognized you in an exceptional year, and it’s our wish, as your producers, to create an experience for you as a nominee that lives up to and enhances that achievement.
(OK this is not part of the letter. This is me: To all flight attendants out there - you are not annoying. You are there to keep us safe and you truly do appreciate your patronage. To all - thank you for thanking us for being part of your journey.  Thank you for being an essential worker. Also - while I'm thanking people - thank you for the three producers of the Oscars for planning a journey of another kind, I just wish you understood that is, for many, one of the biggest nights of their life and many are not able to fly, can't take risks, have underlying medical issues, can't get the vaccine due to medial issues, or are over 65. years old and at high risk for such interacting. It is sad that they don't have a Zoom option for certain people.  And finally, to all those who won't be able to make it due to health reasons or not able to take chances, I say - your photo will be wonderful to see - and know that you did the right thing to protect your safety and well being.)
Back to the letter from the producers:
The first—and most obvious—point we want to get across with this year’s show is STORIES MATTER. We, as a species, are wired for narrative. It’s how we communicate. It’s how we learn. It’s how we evolve. We are surrounded by stories, we’re swimming in them, they’re inescapable. And MOVIES are—we think––the most powerful form of storytelling ever invented. It is an art form that is unique in its blending of so many other art forms, along with the singular skills required to execute it well. Then there’s the final piece: the audience. The fact a movie can be experienced by millions of people in large groups simultaneously across the planet is another reason for its remarkable reach and continuing influence. Therefore, if STORIES matter, then the PEOPLE who bring those stories to life matter. Namely, YOU. To ensure that EVERY nominee receives equal prominence, we hope you’ll agree to be interviewed (briefly) in order to help us tell the story of your path to April 25th. We want to highlight the connections between all of us who work in the movies and show that the process is uniquely intimate, collaborative, and fun (Usually. Hopefully?).Regarding the practical aspects of the show, our plan is to stage an intimate, in-person event at Union Station in Los Angeles, with additional show elements live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Of course, your first thought is CAN THAT BE DONE SAFELY? The answer is YES, IT CAN. We are treating the event as an active movie set, with specially designed testing cadences to ensure up-to-the-minute results, including an on-site COVID safety team with PCR testing capability. There will be specific instructions for those of you traveling in from outside of Los Angeles, and other instructions for those of you who are already based in Los Angeles. This will all come directly to you from the Academy to ensure you have a safe, carefree evening (a glimpse of the future?).For those of you unable to attend because of scheduling or continued uneasiness about traveling, we want you to know there will not be an option to Zoom in for the show. We are going to great lengths to provide a safe and ENJOYABLE evening for all of you in person, as well as for all the millions of film fans around the world, and we feel the virtual thing will diminish those efforts.Our Speech about Speeches. It is our belief the show isn’t "too long" because of the speeches.
HAVING SAID THAT, we’d like to say THIS: With great freedom comes great responsibility, and if you’re wondering what we mean by that exactly, we mean READ THE ROOM. Tell a STORY. If you’re thanking someone, say their name, not their title. Don’t say MY MANAGER, PEGGY just say PEGGY. Make it PERSONAL. The audience leans back when they see a winner with a piece of paper in their hand. The good news is you should be pretty relaxed by show time because you will have been at a pre-show gathering in the Union Station courtyard for the previous ninety minutes with your fellow nominees and their guests (ONLY nominees and their guests will be attending the show, by the way. Oh, and the presenters!).
We’re aiming for a feeling of casual exchange and good humor.You’re wondering about the Dress Code (as well you should). We’re aiming for a fusion of Inspirational and Aspirational, which in actual words means formal is totally cool if you want to go there, but casual is really not.Finally, much has been lost and much has changed since the last Oscars. We will acknowledge that while reminding viewers of the power and necessity of stories to carry us forward, and how movies, in particular, create a special kind of connection between people all over the world.We look forward to seeing you on April 25th.

With all our Movie Love,


93rd Oscars Producers




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