Nomadland took best picture. Well deserved.
OK now let's get to the show:
The ratings are in for the 93rd Academy Awards. And not surprising - an  all time low. It is no wonder.  Viewership falls to below 10 million for the first time ever. This poor showing had "nothing" to do with pandemic. This had all to do with the production and the producers choices.
Over 400 thousand in Los Angeles did watch but nationally the numbers are down a whopping 58% from last year which was already an all-time low.  That means the show lost more than half of their viewers from last year. The awards drew exactly 10.4 million viewers and a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49. Last year saw 23.64 million and 5.3 in the key demographic.
Problem? Not that only 170 people were allowed in after being tested for Covid-19 but rather Steven Soderbergh, Stacy Sher and Jesse Collins and their poor choices. Not inventive, and predictable bad calls on how to produce such a show in a global pandemic.
The show did not flow, was a snooze inducer, and zero creativity. They also did not have to close down Union Station, the show did not have production value - even in a pandemic. No host - when a host was needed this year more than EVER THIS YEAR to keep the show glued to gather. I had supported the no host thing in the past few years but this year was crying out for a host to create some sense of continuity to the statue of this award show. No songs. Few clips. No memorable speeches other than one; Tyler Perry. Wow. Tyler Perry's speech was the best part of the entire show.
Hashtag: Tyler Perry for President.
Producers made a wrong call by having Best Actor be the last category. Don’t change history.  Why would they even think of doing that, thinking that Chadwick Boseman would win? Really? He was worthy of course but Anthony Hopkins in The Father - well that could not be ignored, nor should it have been. Hopkins won and without Hopkins allowed to make a Zoom acceptance speech, well, he went to bed and the show ended abruptly and horribly.  Producers made a mistake on not allowing anyone to accept via Zoom. That was wrong from day one. In a time of life and death urgency to keep people safe, and many who have underlying health issues, the producers chose to ignore the needs of many and left out many who were told - show up or you can;t give your acceptance speech if you win.
An after-party was held on a virtual rooftop with an ocean view at sunset. Karen Dunn of KMD Productions was the event planner and started last October to help produce the virtual event part. All in all, no continuity, no flow, no meaning, no legacy….and it has nothing to do with the pandemic.
Photo credit: Oscars.org

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