Looking for a good viewing pastime? Only Murders in the Building is a who dunnit worth checking out. It is great. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are worth the time. It’s a fun way to do true crime and the cast is the reason. It’s 10 comedic-based episodes that create fun and entertainment. Now streaming on Hulu, The series is part of the true-crime genre but it will make you laugh and leave fully fulfilled for what you had hoped. The series makes sun of the true crime genre and it’s spot on in it’s approach. 
Gomez to the surprise of many is also an actor and producer as well as hit singer and she gives a multi-lawyers performance with the as expected Martin and Short. Together, the three of them mesh perfectly into a a performance in itself. Short is truly a better actor than we ever realized, shifting his tone throughout so seemingly well. To see Martin and Short together on screen is so worth every minute of your time. My one observation is Selena’s acting voice she uses or chooses to use for this character. Also, off all the talent in the business today - the choice seems clear to be a - bring-in-the-younger hip audience factor with a popular Gomez. That said - the show still works beautifully but it is truly Martin and Short that shine and are a sheer pleasure to watch on screen. 
It’s a dramedy of mystery putting you in “can’t-stop watching” mode. Well thought out, this series is worth every minute your time. If you liked Agatha Christie and Murder on the Orient Express, this one is for you. One of the best shows on TV today and one of the best dramedy offerings to come along in a long time. You will get a kick of out it and feel pleasantly satisfied and refueled in your choice. 

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