A Dog's Journey aims to tug at the pet lovers heartstrings and it succeeds.  A sentimanl constant tear-fest that makes us want to beleive (what we likely always had hoped) that man's best friend never truly leaves and comes back to us in some other form and is there in spirit (but watching a dog die three times in one movie one can barely keep it together.)

Bailey the dog is the central character voiced well by Josh Gad and living with Ethan played perfectly by Dennis Quaid and Ethan's wife Hannah (Marg Helgenberger). Their son passed away and their daughter-in-law Gloria (Betty Gilpin) and baby granddaughter live with them but hard-core drinking Betty, moves out upset and takes the baby. The grandparenters are devestated but life goes on. Bailey gets sick and passes away but made a promise to Ethan that he will protect the baby no matter what. The after-life journey of this dog now begins, into severa lives





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