There is a great top of the line wellness retreat that teaches “mindful eating” and I have been practicing it for seven years. I learned it at Miraval Life in Balance, my favorite wellness retreat, located in Tucson, Arizona that I go to (and yes I say must) several times a year. Here, balance is the order of the day and peacefulness. Everything they do focuses on mind, body, spirit and fitness.

So what is ‘Mindful Eating' and Mindfulness?

It’s an ancient practice but it is now a modern trend and it means that you stay aware and be present

when you eat or do things. It means pick foods with intention – do things with intention and awareness know what you are choosing, eating, putting on your plate and why. Pay attention to the taste, the texture, the look, the benefits it gives you and chew your food so many times that is much in your mouth before you swallow. Smell the food, look at the food, and appreciate the food. Experience the sensations as you chew and swallow. Be completely aware and present as you eat. Mindful Eating allows you to enjoy dining so much more, it allows you to be aware of everything that is going into your body and thus allows you to keep a good weight because you will know everything that you consumed.

Mindful eating allows digestive juices to properly break down food. Better digestion means increased energy and you will absorb your nutrients properly. Buddhist psychology promotes mindfulness and mindful eating. It truly makes all the difference in the world.

Mindfulness is about awareness and attention. Teaches you to savor. Observe. Not just your eating - but life. Be in the moment. and always put down your silverware between bites. You will se just how much more you will appreciate meal time, even when you eat alone.

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