So you want to make good impressions in life, well there are certain things that allow others to decide in the first seven seconds what they think of you: Experts say the first seven seconds are everything!

People sum us up in the first seven seconds we meet them which means we really only have 7 seconds to set the tone.

  • People are looking at two things: 55% is our physical appearance while the rest is nonverbal communication such as eye contact, handshake and your body language.
  • Posture is #1 indicator of how confident or not we feel? It says so much and most of you know that, that’s why you walk tall and have a steady stride to be attractive to the opposite sex when you walk in a room. Ok so this is elementary. It’s the number 1 thing people look at first in a candidate, a potential date, or anyone they are considering doing business with or get involved with. They do it consciously and subconsciously.

Before meeting someone important - tilt your head in all four directions over your shoulders over a bit of time (forward, back, left, right), and gently massage your neck. This will help to loosen you up and relax you

Physical appearance:

  • Since physical appearance is THE major factor in a first impression, for both sexes with both sexes – you need to dress for “intention”
  • Make sure to choose solid, bold colors this way the attention stays on you and not on your outfit. Patterns do not make the best impressions - ever.
  • Here is the key: You have to consider how you want to be treated based on the message you are “advertising” with your clothing and style. You will be treated by your clothing. It is a fact of life.

Leaving an impression:

  • When it comes to leaving an impression, nothing about your appearance is off-limits that includes your cleanliness

The Smile:

  • You want to be smiling, this shows your confidence
  • Now here’s a staggering statistic -in a recent survey, 82% of people agreed that the first thing they notice about someone is their smile! Men and women say the same thing.
  • Many people who aren’t confident in their smile are not leaving a good first impression.


  • Only 7% of our communication impact is with our words - that means everything else is nonverbal communication – “how” we say and pronounce our words is so important. People access your education level the moment you begin speaking. Also vital is our body language, facial “expression”, and overall vibe.  Therefore we need to pay attention to the smaller things like our handshake, leaning forward when you’re interested in what the other person is saying is mandatory – and making a presence in the room. Your voice must also be strong and confident  - even for women – and you must speaking respecting periods. Sentences have endings and the voice comes down. Be aware of your physical movement as well as your voice at all times. Never sound like you are asking a question, unless of course, you are asking a question!
  • When someone makes a joke, you must laugh or smile, when someone makes a comment, acknowledge, look them in the eyes - a lot - not to show you like the joke etc but rather to show you are “engaged.” ALWAYS, ALWAYS: Ask questions to keep the conversation going.

 Have an emergency kit:

  • No matter what the occasion, you will feel more relaxed if you have an “emergency kit” on you. Guys can carry this in a Ziploc bag in your briefcase and ladies, you can pop your essentials right into a small makeup bag. You want to pick up things like body lotion for your hands, mouthwash, mini deodorant, a lint roller, etc.

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