The Critics Choice Association (CCA) vows to keep it's January 9, 2022 date for the award telecast on the CW network despite what the CCA called “a hostile move” by the embattled Golden Globes that just announced it chose the same exact date, knowing the CCA was on Jan 9. The CCA has responded by saying it will absolutely not move it’s date that was chosen long ago, as always, as it is traditional that these awards are held the second Sunday of every January. In the undercutting move, The Hollywood Foreign Press announced Friday Oct 15, 2021 that it wants to do its 2022 awards announcements on the same exact date. How that will be broadcast or even broadcast is unknown. Might just turn out to be a press conference of announcements. No one really knows nor is Joey Berlin, CEO of the Critics Choice Association planning to change a thing with the CCA broadcast. He sent an email to its over 500 members yesterday and wrote me as well confirming  - that the CC is confident in is plans and nothing is going to change that. In full disclosure, I am a 24 year voting member. Berlin told us clearly and confidently that our organization will stick to the Jan 9 date, the second Sunday in January as it does every year. 

The scandal-plagued HFPA had its 2022 telecast canceled by NBC and was dropped by its producer, Dick Clark Productions. Rumors were that it was going to attempt to go ahead with present the Golden Globes anyway in some form. There is no word on what their presentation will be on Jan 9, 2022. Berlin clearly calls the HFPA “vindictive." This is the excellent reporting by longtime veteran newsman Peter Hammond that published in Deadline:

In  a letter to publicists from new President Helen Hoehne and interim CEO Todd Boehly obtained by Deadline (Boehly’s company, Eldridge, includes Dick Clark Productions among its assets) that also announced their previously unstated intention to go ahead and present their awards, they simply said they are “still evaluating and determining details of the evening.” In other words, stay tuned (but apparently not to NBC, if the network sticks to its guns and won’t consider airing the Globes until 2023 at the earliest). 

The HFPA has, of course, been embroiled in scandal over their previous restrictive membership policies among other things, including controversial compensation for members, as detailed first in a February 21st  LA Times expose of the group’s practices. 

Under heavy pressure and a publicists boycott, and stars like Tom Cruise publicly vowing to return their Golden Globes, the HFPA has been immersed ever since in an attempt to reform the group’s bylaws and diversify the membership (As the LAT investigation pointed out, there were no Black members), while also “vetting” current members as legitimate journalists covering the entertainment industry. 

Berlin, in his memo to members (full disclosure: I am a longtime member and have also steadily covered the Globes and the HFPA as an entertainment journalist over the decades) said: 

“The purpose of this memo is to reassure every CCA member that our 27th annual Critics Choice Awards show is going to be our biggest and best yet, and can only be helped by this hostile announcement from the new leadership of this other group. If it is appropriate, I encourage you to share the gist of this message with your viewers, listeners, readers, and followers, the louder, the better. Our friends in the industry understand all of the above, but it would be wonderful if the greater public did, too.” 

The CCA CEO did not hold back, but actually emphasized he felt the “scandal-ridden Hollywood Foreign Press Association move is a plus for the Critics Choice Awards. “I believe this desperate move by the HFPA to try and undercut the Critics Choice Awards and the tremendous support we are receiving from all the major studios, networks, and streamers is…really good for us! 

For years, we’ve been trying to draw the comparison between the tainted HFPA and the legitimate Critics Choice Association – which has five times as many members and no stink. Our awards are the considered judgment of almost 500 active critics and entertainment reporters who cover film and television and collectively reach virtually every entertainment consumer in the US and Canada every day,” he wrote.


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