If you have not seen Ambulance yet and you like action-packed-exciting-thrills - then this heist film is for you. The movie does not disappoint if you love full-blown action so you might want to figure out how to if you're still not going into theaters like before.

This is a Michael Bay action-style film - which means it's big, loud, flashy, lots of fanfare. and no award-winning screenplay. But I mean action. Excellent camera moves, powerful visuals, drone shots on steroids, sirens blaring and suspense that keeps you interested - you will stay enthralled - but your stomach and ears will need a break, I'm warning you.  You will feel dizzy, nauseous and roller-coastered-out but it's sheer entertainment as much as you won't want to admit it. It's a Michael Bay movie and you go for the ride and a ride it is. You don't have a second to get bored with all the twists and turns and more twists and more turns and then more twists and a few more turns. The adrenaline pumping scenes are a lot to handle but hang on to your Nibs and you should be fine.

The screenplay is written by Chris Fedak. A fast paced thriller about a man who wants to pull off a bank robbery to get millions for his wife's medical. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Danny and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is Will. Danny and his brother hijack an ambulance, but there is a problem, inside this ambulance is an EMT and an injured police officer. The paramedic is played by actress Eiza González’s Cam and the injured officer is actor Jackson White’s Zach.

The film moves from beginning to end. It keeps your interest, and as much as we like Jake, Bay gets the credit for this one. There is a car chase in this one that is one of the longest I think I have ever seen on film. The brothers  must deal with one obstacle after another at every turn and so you never get to relax.

It is not a smart movie, and you truly will actually question why you enjoyed it so much if you are a film aficionado but entertaining it is. It's definitely what you signed up for. we go...

Get your popcorn, butter up, on your mark, get comfortable, get set, and - go! We officially have high-octane-Michael Bay-self-indulgent-action-packed liftoff.


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