Here are some great travel tips for male travelers:

(by the way, I once knew someone who did this #1 tip and he was always treated liked royalty at airports)

Dress to the 9’s – Men who dress with style get treated better. It’s just plain true. They don’t offer upgrades or even extra care to those who are not dressed well. They want someone who is dressed to impress and will signal to others a positive feeling through their presentation.

Dress comfortably – wear clothes with stretch in them. LuLu Lemons are perfect for me when insisting on going casual. But even if you wear Lulu pants in let’s say a solid black you can dress it up with a great tailored shirt and a blazer to board.

Call Your Credit Card Companies BEFORE Leaving – Put a travel alert on your cards (to include debit cards) A lot of card companies are being more aggressive on unusual behavior in spending. It protects us but can also be a pain so prepare now more than ever before.

Slip On Footwear – forget the shoelaces through security.

Hang your jacket when seated - If driving, you should take a couple hangers with you and use those hooks  On a plane – wear your blazer to my seat and then take it off and fold it and store it before sitting.

Use quality luggage - luggage protects your clothing, you want your luggage be able to take a beating and luggage should keep you organized and have the little things you need on the road.

Have A Packing Checklist – Take the time to create a checklist – then laminate multiple copies and keep one permanently in your bag and on your iPhone.

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