“We all have to die, what’s important is what you have to do before you go”

- Alex Lewis (Liam Nesson’s character in Memory)

As Neeson does so well, playing the bad guy with a conscience, the mystery-thriller MEMORY directed by Martin Campbell and co starring Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci is the latest action thriller to take you on the journey of the protagonist’s mind and a man trying to repair his wrongs but sadly this is not the best of the Neeson bunch.
Compared to Liam’s past thrillers, this was needed more.
The storyline has Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) an expert assassin known for his discreet accuracy refusing to finish a job worth endless money to him because it is a child and that is where this assassins morals step in. He now breaks from the bad guy and has to hunt down and kill the people who hired him before they and the FBI agent (Guy Pearce) find him first. There is a  target on his head. Alex is all about revenge but add in a memory that is lapsing. He gets consumed between right and wrong and is not sure of his actions so second-guessing is the co-star.
Mario Scardapane is the script writer and its distributor is Open Road and Briarcliff Entertainment. The film is rated R for violence, blood and language so if that’s your thing then even this one will keep you entertained.
What’s great about this movie is this: watching Liam Neeson in a role he has perfected to a science and as he ages, we see him execute with aging style. But the film has unorganized b-movie backstories, violence, mayhem, and cliches - and it’s only thanks to Neeson and Pearce that bring semblance. Neeson is such a good action star that I wish he take on something more than a pay check now. Time to move onto other projects Liam. I now these pay the bills but you can throw in a summer project of a Colin Firth role, or a Benadict Cumberbach role and stop being Charles Bronson. You can intersperse something more because you likely would be worthy of an Oscar, Liam.
There is nothing new in this one. Guy Pearce acts well alongside him ( he starred in Memento so he obviously likes the memory theme)
Overall, strong acting, good production, but a movie that you will forget next time someone asks you: “So which Liam Neeson movie is your favorite?” This one will not come to mind. In fact - your memory will not serve you well to remember Memory. 
Nothing new here and they should be getting better like fine wine by now.
(Even the name could’ve been better)

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